Flying cowboys
Milano, 03.02.2003

  "E due errori ho commesso,
due errori di saggezza:
abortire l'America
e poi guardarla con dolcezza.
Ma voi che siete uomini
sotto il vento e le vele,
non regalate terre promesse
a chi non le mantiene."

“September is the cruellest month” the cowboy said,
when the world exploded into his hands,
and the air and the ashes fell
beyond our hand life line,
under 18 minutes
and backwards again
through 110 floors
stumbling over the end and suddenly again,
the entire human kind
turned its face pretending
to fall and find
thru someone's grief portrait
silk and blood and wine.
Bombs on the Universe skyline, they said,
yeah, right!
And Peter Pan had no time to realize
his beard was now long and white,
and Superman too,
he turned his face
during his last recognition flight
to watch it fall and disappeared
behind the explotion light forever.

Way accross meanwhile
on a dutch peninsula
the world collapsed,
its bones were crashed, and BANG!
Spiderman lost his fast
swinging habits thru the scrapes
and smashed into his Uncle's room
just in time
to see the sky becoming doom
while the media clowns looked like
hysterical cheerleaders in Alice wonderland,
and BANG again!
And again the speaker said:
“That's all, folks!”.

That morning the world turned to noise
searching for the signals to destroy,
while he told you he'd change,
he's going to tell you the truth,
he loves you now,
while she bends her arms around his face
and can't keep her tears inside.
While some priest on the 5th
wakes up fixing meals.
While Soho's still sleeping
and the Village is arguing loud
about some american Berlusconi wasp.
While Mrs Dalloway is buying flowers
and the poet chose life instead
at the age of 30, in 1923, as I read.
While some husband for the first time
perfectly conceived
his wife's meaning smiling face,
for the first time that night, and had
to face her prayers till dawn:
“Say you would
say you could
say you'd come and stop the pain,
say you'll try and hold me tight.”
and BANG! Shot her dead,
closed his lover's Pentagon affaire
on the next morning newspaper box.

And they will say,
how did his hair grow so thin?
They will say, they will say
and they will cry,
mourne and sympathize.
And BANG! The last one
in the middle of nowhere
close to everybody's screaming heart:
“Oh my God, this is unbelievable!”
We will say.
we just said.
We, the people of a sadder sea.

Copyright (C) 2003 Riccardo Bagnato []
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