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Softer than her smile's light favourite look<br>
wonder why her mouth is a curse,<br>
why did I fall in love and how am I supposed<br>
to live without you tonight,<br>
I need your tears, I guess.<br>
But now I'm falling at 35 miles downtown<br>
where some Juliet will pass me by<br>
stopping hearts and chilling men,<br>
- I'm your Pepsi_cola, but you won't take me out the can.

<p>How many times I was alone<br>
to wonder, do I dare?<br>
To suck life's whispers out of my bones<br>
and cry aloud that's not fair.<br>
Time to see some places<br>
I could not see, friends<br>
I could not talk to and faces<br>
I should not please.<br>
How manywords? <br>
Made of water rhymes and inky waves?<br>
&quot;I'll be yours, I'll be yours dot com.&quot;</font></p>

<p>She was a good enough reason for a trip,<br>
a hot night in San Francisco<br>
with stormy thoughts undone<br>
predicting someone's thinking about me,
around the world the world.<br>
While driving through these city lights,<br>
from the wrong side of a knife <br>
to the Coit Tower and back to the hotel. Anyway.<br>
She flipped her finger before I left<br>
while her legs were staring up at infinity:<br>
had I had a thousand years in my pockets<br>
I would have asked you
"will you love me deeply for a sec?"</p>

<p font="l'amour">
<3 a.m.>San Francisco, 10th august 2002</ 3 a.m.></p>